Lizzie's Page

Lizzie - a rescue dog in Arizona - was between nine and 10 months of age when these two Dermoids were removed. In the photos here you can see the larger of the two tubes is already beginning to abscess, while the smaller of the two has not yet formed the redness, yet is still very visible.

Photos courtesy of Lin Hainlen

The incision around the first Dermoid


The tube

The second Dermoid

Veterinarians work in different ways and have different methods. It has always been my understanding that one does not put a drain into the site of the removed Dermoid, neither does one ever drain the serum in the oft seen seromas that form at the incision site. I like to keep a pressure bandage on for the full 14 days until the sutures are removed as I have not had any seromas form when I have kept the bandaging on the dog.

These last two photos show in exquisite detail the opening of the tube and the debris found inside that tube. This is a nine to 10 month old dog. One would not expect the build up to be so huge in such a young dog, but in fact it builds up quickly, and abscesses quite rapidly. The brown gunky tube filling is made up of dirt, debris, hair, sloughed off skin etc.